Teeth Whitening

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Teeth Whitening Procedures

You can start achieving the bright and beautiful smile that you're looking for by scheduling a an appointment with our dentist at Austell Family Dental Care in Austell, Georgia. Teeth whitening has many benefits in addition to brightening your smile. Below we will discuss the different types of teeth whitening procedures and their benefits.


Opalescence™ is a chemically activated power whitening gel that provides brighter, whiter teeth after just 40 minutes in the dental chair. The safe, powerful 40% hydrogen peroxide gel is chemically activated, doesn’t require a hot, uncomfortable light to work, and usually takes only one dental visit to achieve desired results.

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Take Home Trays

Take-home whitening trays are a type of teeth whitening procedure that you can perform at the comfort of your home. This is an easy and cost-effective teeth whitening treatment that can be easily obtained. You must follow the instructions given by our dentist to see the results at home. Although they can be a convenient option, obtaining great results can take longer than other treatments and they don’t always work well for deep stains. These trays are custom made to go over your teeth, and whiten your teeth through a special gel that is found on the inside of the trays.

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